Score Yourself 

Rank each statement from 1 to 5 on how true each statement is for you. 

“5” meaning it’s really true for you.  Add the ten questions. If your total score is:

     10-20: Consider waiting until a better time.
     21-35: Explore your readiness with potential coaches.
     36-50: You’re ready, get started soon!

Listen to Your Intuition. Consider each statement, and note your reaction. Does it ring true for you and affirm your sense of readiness? Or does it create doubt and discomfort? The more the statements seem true about you, the more likely you are to experience success with coaching.

The Survey

1.  I have a genuine desire to stretch and change my way of thinking. 

Motivation for change has to come from within you, not to please someone else. You are the only one you can really change.

2. I am willing to try new concepts, and experiment with different ways of doing things.

Unless you shift perspectives and try new behaviors, little is likely to change. Experimenting with new views and behaviors can be playful and fun, while also being an essential aspect of change.

3. I value collaboration, and am willing to ask for help when I need it. 
The stoic, go-it-alone person who thinks asking for help is an admission of weakness is less likely to succeed.

4. I am disciplined about following through on commitments.
Talk is cheap. Doing “homework” between sessions; reading, self-observations, practices, and action steps is important to produce genuine, sustainable shifts over time.

5. I am candid and open in my relationships. 
Coaching is a partnership that requires you to be assertive in asking for what you want and to speak up when something is not working.

6. I am open to candid feedback from my coach. 
Listening to your coach and others will challenge established paradigms and require reconsideration of behavior in which you may be highly invested. Considering honest feedback opens new choices and possibilities.

7. I am willing to discuss my journey with my coach. 
If you need to keep your learning process a secret, are you really committed to change? The support and feedback from an outside source can often help.

8. I am willing to invest the necessary time and money in myself.
Coaching is a powerful tool, but it requires a willingness to make the proper investment. It only makes sense if you are serious about the process.

9. I will make this effort a priority and I am willing to work through the tough times. 
If you’re expecting a quick fix, save your investment. Real change results from learning, daily practice, and feedback over time. Given this, you can expect real, observable, and sustainable changes.

10. This is the right time for me to be doing this; I have the motivation and there’s no reason to delay. 
Coaching should coincide with a real need, so you have both the motivation and the opportunity to apply what you’re learning.

Read the ten statements below and consider how true they are for you. You may interpret the results in one of two ways, depending on how you process this information.



  • New Thought Teachings
  • Relationship Coaching
  • ​Youth Counseling (11-18)
  • Career/Business Coaching
  • Personal/Spiritual Growth
  • Couples Counseling


  1. Improve Marriage
  2. Improve Relationships
  3. Balance Work/Family Life
  4. Overcome Chaotic Life
  5. Reduce Overall Stress
  6. Motivation to Start a New Business or Change Careers
  7. Spiritual Health & Wellbeing
  8. Increase Happiness  in Life

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