Clients often come when they are facing life decisions, such as transitions in employment status (lay-offs, etc.) or confusion about a possible change in their career path and are seeking practical guidance, or more deeply seeking to enrich their lives. As your Personal Coach and Counselor**, Dr. Dallas utilizes his vision and experience to help guide; unravel, as well as bring clarity to which path you may want to take.  When life gets a bit unsettled, it is often an indication of an opportunity for personal growth and development.  Your initial session will include an in-depth, confidential discussion of your situation and what the next steps should be.  On-Call retainer basis available on a case by case basis and payable in advance.

**These sessions may touch on spiritual aspects of life when needed.  If you need psychological assistance, please seek a licensed therapist and consult with them in advance, before setting up your appointment. 

There are several different practices to help you enrich your life and begin to fully integrate new levels of awareness, inner peace and empowerment into your day-to-day life. It begins by taking stock of your life, a willingness to suspend or eliminate belief systems that no longer serve you, going within to find your passion, and then charting your course to begin to live your life with real happiness and fulfillment as it is really intended for you! This is a transformational experience that requires steadfast commitment, stamina and  a willingness to go beyond your comfort zone in order to step fully forward into the life you were born to live.  *Initial Self-Assessment is Required

Relationship Coaching is for people who desire positive changes in their current relationship, and are also willing to take responsibility for implementing the necessary changes. During this wonderful journey you will have the opportunity to be completely honest and open with your partner, so that you can have a deeper, more loving connection, mutual respect, and sensitivity for each other's feelings and opinions.


Benefits of Relationship Coaching
Learn to share a new level of intimacy
Learn how to connect and work towards common goals
Learn to give and receive unconditionally 
Learn to be consciously aware and express what you really want

Have someone listen without judgement to your point of view

Carefree Life Coaching

New Thought Concepts for Practical Living with Dr. David Dallas of DALLAS LIFE COACHING