Success Story from Erie, PA
"While on vacation this summer in Nashville, TN I decided to have a 1 hour session with Dr. Dallas, I was skeptical but I knew I needed a change so I was willing to see what he had to offer. I'm 30 years old and I have been smoking for half my life, I started when I was 16, I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, anxiety and put on an anti-depressant. 

My marriage of almost 10 years seemed to be coming apart at the seams and I knew deep down that something had to change, I just wasn't sure what that something was, and I knew I didn't want to be on any medication the rest of my life. Dr. Dallas showed me exactly what I was failing to see, what I didn't want to see! He showed me how I was sabotaging my life with my own thoughts. He broke it down for me to where I could begin to understand that I had always been in control of my life, or rather lacking control of it. He showed me a new way to look at what happens in my life, and a better way to handle my issues. 

Within a month after having that 1 hour talk, I made the choice to quit smoking and have not picked up a cigarette in over 3 months now! Dr. Dallas is no joke! He's gonna tell you like it is and be straight with you and that's what I like. I'm just trying to be a better person than I was before. Now that I'm getting older I realize I need to open my eyes and be more responsible. I now look at my problems in a completely different light and in a way that I never understood before. Everything makes more sense to me because of the advice Dr. Dallas gave to me. 

I know how to control myself in certain situations and resolve my issues differently because now I know when I bring bad energy into a bad situation more bad things will happen. Something I never really cared to see, but it was a missing piece for me. I try to stay on a positive note now and my life is changing for the better in all areas, not just with quitting smoking, but with my marriage and other things too. I know if I need any type of advice or something comes up in my life that I feel I can't handle, I know Dr. Dallas got my back and that's who I'll be calling! Thanks Dr. D. YOU ROCK!"   -Ivan, [Erie, PA]

Success Story from Nashville, TN

“Dr. Dave's mission is to help people with healing the whole person, spiritually and metaphysically speaking. I've know him for a number of years and have had the privilege of being called to assist him serve clients. He is wise enough to know when outside experience can benefit those he helps. If you call Dr. Dave, he'll let you know right away you're going to have to do some work. There are no quick fixes and he knows it. He's there to guide and recommend steps necessary to move you to the next level on your spiritual journey. At the core, I'd say he's here to serve others, no doubt about it!  -Greg Whitaker, Financial Wellness Teacher [Nashville, TN]

Success Story from Paradise Valley, AZ
"If you're looking for someone who will tell it to you straight, you've found him! It may not be what you want to hear, but it will be what you need to hear!  I know it's what I've been needing for years! I wasn't getting this kind of genuine concern nor the solutions I needed to accomplish my goals in both my personal and business life with others I have seen in the past. Thank you so much Dr. Dallas for not pulling any punches with me and showing me a new way to deal with my hectic life! I am confident and motivated again, business has skyrocketed and we have renewed our vows! And stay non-politically correct sir, it was such a breath of fresh air!"   -Michael, Realtor/Entrepreneur [Paradise Valley, AZ]

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Success Story from Mount Juliet, TN

“Dr. Dallas is a wonderful person who is genuinely knowledgeable on many aspects of self-improvement. He treats each client individually and customizes counseling based on client's goals, beliefs, and attitude. Highly recommended.”   -Bruce, Physician Assistant [Mount Juliet, TN]

Success Story from Nashville, TN

“I first approached Dr. Dallas after I tattooed his daughter. I learned that he was a metaphysical life coach who had studied in Sedona, Arizona and I immediately felt a connection (I had lived in Phoenix and had visited Sedona on several occasions). I also was going through a very negative time in my life and felt that perhaps he could help me. I was right...follow through on those feelings folks; follow through! I have used Dr. Dave's services several times and his approach is very comfortable and always helpful; he seems to know just what you need at just the time you need it. If you are going through a rough time in life or just feel you could use a little nudge in the right direction, I highly recommend that you contact Dr. Dallas!” -Keith, Tattoo Artist Artistic Ink [Nashville, TN]

Success Story from Nashville, TN

“Dr. Dallas is an excellent counselor and has come to be a trusted friend. I am recommending him because I am confident his counseling can benefit anyone seeking a reliable, educated, in depth, spiritual approach to any issue they might be dealing with. Dr. Dallas has a way of instilling spiritual knowledge and lessons in a relaxing, practical, and an easy to understand way. Dr. Dallas was worth every penny. I am so much happier and wiser now that I have been counseled by him.”   -Jason, HR Specialist [Hermitage, TN]

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