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What Holistic Life Counseling Does Not  Do​

  • It will NOT provide the answers, no one else can tell you what you truly want — only YOU know that!  Traditional counselors listen, ask questions, raise awareness and move clients forward. However, traditional counseling and therapy is more about treating a present problem or number of issues by looking into the past.  Traditional counseling and therapy more than likely will include psychiatry and diagnosis, neither of which is part of holistic life counseling. Rather, it is about  you moving from where you are now into a more positive, healthy future.  

  • Holistic Life Counseling helps you find the answers to whatever questions you may have that is preventing you from doing what you want to do.  In short, working with a holistic life counselor means getting in action, implementing new skills, changes, or goals.  This is why many traditional counselors now say they are "coaches," because they want to integrate the best of both worlds.  Coaching is motivational, inspiring, positive, exciting and action driven. Coaching helps people look at where they are now and where they’d like to be, and helps people bridge the gap.  By raising awareness and encouraging people to take responsibility for their life, holistic life counseling can help you use the opportunity to rise to your own particular challenges and go further than you ever thought possible. It helps people take the driver’s seat of their own life. Holistic life counseling can be defined as “an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their lives." 

  • Through this process, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life.  The name ‘coaching’ uses a metaphor from the sports community, where coaching is an established activity.  No team of athletes would consider trying to reach excellence without a coach.  In being coached, one does not have to admit either to needing help or even to having a problem, so the shame-based feelings often triggered by traditional counseling are bypassed.  It is no disgrace to have a coach.  The coaching process is the only human improvement process that focuses completely on you. 

  • Holistic life coaches are equal partners who assist their clients to improve and grow as a whole person as the means to achieve balance.  Do you want to find a higher power? Redefine your spiritual growth?  Do you need coaching to help you with your grief?  How about a recovery coach to help you with your recovery?  Need coaching for depression?  What about self-esteem or standing up to your spouse, friends, family or children?  How about learning to feel good about yourself?  When you feel good about you, good things happen!  Holistic life coaching taps into that power center.  So if you desire direction, and need a change, or clarity, or just want to improve your outlook and find positive answers, seek out a holistic life coach and begin to open doors you thought were once closed!

​​Traditional Counseling  vs. Holistic Life Counseling

Someone once told me that counseling equals "looking back," whereas coaching equals "looking forward," but I believe these two different modalities involve a little bit of both.  Therefore, there are many differences and one of the biggest is education.  

Traditional counselors have a master’s degree, followed by hundreds of supervised clinical hours and are governed by a very strict behavioral health board that dictates the counselor’s every move.  Counseling is based on statistics and facts.  That is why in college one has to take classes such as statistics and research.  In counseling, there is a label and a name for every behavior.  In order to have your insurance pay for your visits, many counselors must give a clinical diagnosis within the first 45 minutes.  ​A good counselor holds the assumption that the client has the best answers for their own life.  

The job of the counselor is to draw those answers out of you, and to offer another perspective. Holistic Life Counseling is different from traditional counseling in that it does not focus on emotional issues or past events. Clients who receive services are viewed as being functional and healthy, but are unsatisfied with a part of their lives and desire to change it.